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TNY1800 large capacity fully automatic block m

concrete block machine.


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1.Vibration system: Eccentric devices are driven by 8 sets servo motors. Supper high rotating speed & strong vibration force servo control are used and the vibration force is evenly distributed on the vibration table. Ensure the finished products are with high intensity and best compactness

2.Hydraulic system: Proportional control is used in this system. Feeding, up mould and mould box moving, and etc. moving start fast and stop immediately Flexible automatic control is used in the whole process to reduce hydraulic shock and noise, and Io improve the overall production efficiency and stability

3.Hydraulic material feeding device is used to solve the problem of big block machine cant feed material evenly. Improve the finished products with high intensity and best compactness.

4.Air bags are used to clamp the mould, easy to fix and positioning.

5.Air bag vibration reduction system: Vibration reduction is adjust-able, reduce working noise, extend machine usage time.

6.PLC intelligent control system and HMI dialog system: Random signal analysis. fault diagnosis and various parameter settings can be done in this system. Make the operation easy and automatically.

Technical Parameters:

  Model Cycle Time (s) Pallet Size (mm) Power (kw) Weight (kgs) Dimension (mm)
TNY1800       12-18  1400x1350x50      120      32000 15000x2950x3500


Type Size (mm) Pcs/pallet Pcs/h Pcs/8 h Photo
Hollow Block 400x200x200 18 4320 34560
Solid Brick 240x115x53 110 26400 211200
Paver 200x100x60 66 11880 95040

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