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Cutting Machine For AAC Production Line

Model:Cutting Machine For AAC Production Line
Trademark: TNY
Unit: set
Origin: Beijing
Min order: one
Packing: standard seaworthy package
TransTime: 60 days after order
Transportation: Ocean Transport
Payment: T/T
  • TNY
  • 84048020
Cutting Machine For AAC Production Line
AAC Cutting Machines
Working principle:
Tilting hoister turns makes the mould 90°together with the whole brick,demould puts whole bricks and the side board onto dragging brick cars,the hand cars take the whole brick into cutting machine,it will finish the works cutting,peeling of the whole brick two sides,deviating wasted materials.
Main Technical Parameters:
NO Name Unit Type/Parameter
4.2 4.8 6.0
1 Capacity 万m3/Year 10-15 100000-150000 20-25 200000-250000 30-35 300000-350000
2 Whole brick size m 4.2*1.2*0.6 4.8*1.2*0.6 6.0*1.2*0.6
3 Cutting precision Length/wIDTH/heighe ±3、±1、±1 ±3、±1、±1 ±3、±1、±1
4 Cutting cycle  Min/Module ≤5 ≤6 ≤6  
AAC block production line, also known as aerated concrete block line, is a kind of lightweight block production line. According to different types of raw materials, quality and processing characteristics of equipment, AAC block machines are differently designed. The production process is as follows: Mix fly ash or silica sand, slag and water into slurry, stir the slurry together with powdered lime, a certain amount of cement, plaster and foaming agent, and then pour them into the mold box. After resting foaming solidification, AAC lightweight block production line can cut them into blocks or plates in various specifications, and then send them into the autoclave by the steam-curing car. After high temperature and high pressure steam curing, AAC block machine can produce porous and light aerated concrete products. Adopting German advanced equipment, PLC automatic feeding and complete electric control system, our lightweight block production lines are quite famous both home and abroad. The whole aerated concrete block line includes feeding, mixing, pouring, preliminary maintenance, cutting, autoclaved maintenance, and so on.
Use of AAC Block Machine
AAC lightweight block production line is widely used in industrial and civil constructions. We adopt the most mature technology of production to produce building materials.
Advantages of Aerated Concrete Block Line
1. Without any exhaust gas or waste residue, the production process of AAC block machine is in accordance with national environmental protection policy.
2. This lightweight block production line is equipped with a dedusting system for boiler gas and dust disposal which meet the requirements of smoke prevention and dust control.
3. Dust collector is used to improve the production environment and working condition.
4. Waste water and condensate water produced from AAC block machine can be recycled and reused. Acoustic treatment should be taken to reduce noise produced by ball mill machine.
5. AAC lightweight block production line features light mass, high intensity, heat preservation, sound insulation, etc.
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